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When x reaches the value of FkxT

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  • What is choked flow and how to prevent it?

  • Choked flow usually happens when there is a high pressure drop across the valve. There does not need to be high flow rates for choked flow to occur. The valve is choking the flow back because it has reached sonic flow (Mach 1) and the pressure differential ( 螖p) is high enough. Choked flow can happen at any time these factors exist in a valve.

  • When does choking occur in a hydraulic system?

  • When choking occurs: In the event of choked flow, P* is the pressure at inlet to the bearing film. Choked flow occurs in gases and vapors when the fluid velocity reaches sonic values at any point in the valve body, trim, or pipe.

  • What is choking of the flow of mass flow rate?

  • The limiting of the mass flow rate is called choking of the flow. If we substitute M = 1 into Eq #10 we can determine the value of the choked mass flow rate:

  • What is the difference between choked flow and sonic flow?

  • (What’s the difference?) What Causes Choked Flow? Choked flow begins as the minimum pressure ratio required for choked flow to occur is reached (1.8 for methane) and the gas velocity is at Mach 1 (767.2 MPH). If the pressure upstream of the valve is too low compared to downstream, sonic flow cannot occur (i.e. choked flow does not occur).