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Flow maps are a type ofthematic map used in cartography to show the movement of objects between different areas. These types of maps can show things like the movement of goods across space, the number of animal species in a specific migration pattern, as well as traffic volume and stream flow.

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  • What is a flow map geography?

  • Flow Maps geographically show the movement of information or objects from one location to another and their amount. Typically Flow Maps are used to show the migration data of people, animals and products. The magnitude or amount of migration in a single flow line is represented by its thickness.

  • What is FlowMap used for?

  • Flow Map can be used to plot a story, show historical events in sequences, steps in problem-solving math, and identify stages of a life cycle and much more. When you are attempting to understand a more complex problem, you can use a multiple-levels flow map.

  • What is quantitative flow mapping?

  • Quantitative flow mapping uses lines and symbols of different widths and sizes to show changes in magnitude between areas. When looking at and creating flow maps it is important to note that there are three basic categories for the maps. These are radial, network and distributive.

  • What do the lines on a flow map represent?

  • Flow maps typically use lines to show the movement of people and goods between various locations. The lines are varied in width to represent the quantity of flow (Sathyaprasad).