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High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) is aheated and humidified systemthat allows prescribed fraction of inspired oxygen (F I O 2) levels to be delivered at very high flow rates. Let鈥檚 now consider how HFNC can help our patients improve their respiratory disease. There are three main proposed benefits of HFNC:

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  • What is the flow rate of a high flow nasal cannula?

  • When connected to wall oxygen, this cannula can deliver oxygen at flow rates from 1 to 6 L / min for extended periods of time. Higher flow rates are not well tolerated due to nasal irritation and discomfort. High-flow nasal cannula, or HFNC, is a system that allows oxygen to be delivered to patients at very high flow rates.

  • What is a heated and humidified high-flow cannula?

  • The use of the heated and humidified high-flow nasal cannula has become increasingly popular in the treatment of patients with respiratory failure through all age groups.

  • What are the indications for high-flow nasal cannulas in community-acquired pneumonia?

  • Community-acquired pneumonia would seem like an ideal indication for the use of the high-flow nasal cannula. The heated, humidified oxygen should allow improved mobilization of secretions, and its ability to minimize oxygen dilution, meet inspiratory demands, and improve end-expiratory lung volumes all seem ideal in patients withpneumonia.

  • How should a nasal cannula fit?

  • Each cannula should snuggly fit into the patient鈥檚 nares and prevents entrainment of room air around the cannula, which can occur with standard nasal cannulas. Each manufacturer will also have a max flow rate for each cannula size corresponding to the size and age of the patient.