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Apple blossom

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  • When was the state flower of Michigan adopted?

  • Adopted on April 28, 1997. In 1897, the APPLE BLOSSOM. (Pyrus coronaria) was designated the state flower as Michigan legislators, feeling that a refined sentiment called for the naming of a state flower, designated the apple blossom , (Pyrus coronaria .)

  • What is Michigan鈥檚 state fruit?

  • The largest apple ever picked from a tree came from Caro, Michigan. It weighed three pounds, two ounces. The Apple Blossom was named the Michigan state flower in 1897. The choice is fitting given the state鈥檚 long ties to the fruit. Michigan ranks third in the country in apple production, just behind Washington and New York.

  • What is the state wildflower of Michigan?

  • Dwarf lake iris was one of the six flowers proposed by the Wildflower Association of Michigan as the wildflower of the state. Although it emerged second after the white trillium in a poll conducted in 1996, dwarf lake iris was declared the state wildflower by the Michigan House of Representative.

  • Why is the crabapple Michigan’s State flower?

  • The flower of this species was selected as the state flower because it is largely considered ornamental. The crabapple is native to Michigan. Other than growing in many places in Michigan, the apple blossom is a symbol of fertility, love, and hope.