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Showy lady鈥檚 slipper

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  • What is the Minnesota state flower and state bird?

  • Minnesota State Flower and State Bird Common Loon~ Gavia immer The far-carrying cry of the Loon sounds like the hollow laughter of a hysterical woman, its spine-tingling call heightened by the loneliness of the lake, and the echo from the silent north woods.

  • What is the state flower of the United States?

  • The pink and white lady slipper (Cypripedium reginae), also knows as the showy lady鈥檚 slipper or queen鈥檚 lady slipper, was adopted as the state flower in 1902. Found living in open fens, bogs, swamps, and damp woods where there is plenty of light, lady鈥檚 slippers grow slowly, taking up to 16 years to produce their first flowers.

  • What are the state symbols of Minnesota?

  • Minnesota state symbols are designated by law. Selected state symbols are listed below. Bee: Rusty patched bumble bee. Bird: Common loon. Butterfly: Monarch. Fish: Walleye. Flower: Showy lady’s slipper. Gemstone: Lake Superior agate. Grain: Wild rice. Tree: Norway pine (also referred to as red pine)

  • Is it illegal to pick Minnesota state flower?

  • Minnesota State Flower. Since 1925 this rare wildflower has been protected by state law (it is illegal to pick the flowers or to uproot or unearth the plants). Specimens like the one pictured here are difficult to find, but with some effort can be found on the bog at Beckman Lake in Isanti County.