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In simple terms,laminar flow is when every particle of fluid flows along one smooth path. The particles of the fluid do not interfere with one another,they don鈥檛 mix or shift between layers. Turbulent flow is when the flow of a fluid is irregular. Particles in turbulent flow can move back and forth between layers,…

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  • What is lamina and turbulent flow?

  • In lamina flow of a fluid, the various layers of the fluid slide parallel to each other without any disturbance, interference or intermixing. Lamina flow can also be referred to as streamline flow. Turbulent flow is turbulent and chaotic in nature.

  • What determines if a fluid is laminar or turbulent?

  • What determines if the flow of a fluid is classified as laminar or turbulent is the flow鈥檚 Reynolds Number. Reynolds Number is a calculation that defines the flow of a fluid as being the ratio of the inertial forces to the viscous forces.

  • What is meant by laminar flow?

  • Laminar Flow: the flow of a fluid when each particle of the fluid follows a smooth path, paths which never interfere with one another. One result of laminar flow is that the velocity of the fluid is constant at any point in the fluid.

  • What is turbulent flow and its characteristics?

  • A turbulent flow is characterized by its random nature, diffusivity, and vorticity. The flow contains eddies, cross currents and vortices. What is the difference between Laminar and Turbulent Flow? 鈥?In laminar flow, the flow occurs at low velocities and low Reynolds number, while turbulence flow occurs at high velocities and high Reynolds number.