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  • What is the March birth flower?

  • The March birth flower is the delightful Daffodil which blooms in spring in the Northern Hemisphere. 1. Daffodils are also known as Jonquil or Narcissus and the flowers are white, yellow or orange

  • What does the daffodil symbolize in March?

  • March鈥檚 birth flower is the daffodil that represents new beginnings, good luck, prosperity, and good fortune. However, each of the daffodil鈥檚 yellow pale petals glows and radiates like a golden bulb in sunshine symbolizing the light of life and hope.

  • What are the best birth flowers for mother鈥檚 Day?

  • The charming trumpet-like March birth flower symbolizes new beginnings, which makes it even more fitting birthday present for the most special and most important woman in your life 鈥?your mom. The vivid yellow colors of daffodils is another plus! Yellow flowers, in general, ensure happiness, but yellow daffodils also imply respect.

  • What are the symbols of March?

  • Two of the best-recognized symbols for March are the Rabbit and Easter Eggs. Bunnies get right to the task of making babies at the outset of spring. Their joyous hopping mirrors our hearts as this season returns. Rabbits are sacred to various fertility goddesses such as Ostara (from whom we derive the word Easter).