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  • What are the state symbols of Montana?

  • Like any other state in the US, Montana has a number of state symbols such as the flag, the state flower, and the state animal. The official state flower of Montana, which was chosen back in 1895, is the bitterroot with the scientific name Lewisia rediviva.

  • Where do the flowers grow in Montana?

  • MONTANA STATE FLOWERS There are 3 major geographic features in Montana – the Bitterroot Mountains (running north-south and forming the divide between Idaho and Montana), the Bitterroot Valley, and the Bitterroot River (also running north-south, terminating in the Clark Fork River in the city of Missoula), all lending their names to this flower.

  • Why is the Bitterroot Montana’s state flower?

  • That same year, in response to a national WCTU program, Mrs. Mary Long Alderson of Bozeman began efforts to secure legislative designation for the bitterroot as Montana’s state flower. Mary Alderson was the heart of the state flower movement in Montana. In January of 1894, she formed and headed Montana’s Floral Emblem Association.

  • What is the Montana state flower and state bird?

  • Montana State Flower and State Bird Western Meadowlark ~ Sturnella neglecta The Western Meadowlark favors the prairies and grassy valleys, but it also frequents sagebrush flats and the grassy glades within pine forests. In late summer it may nest at an altitude of twelve thousand feet in the open grasslands of the Rockies.