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  • What are the state symbols of Montana?

  • Like any other state in the US, Montana has a number of state symbols such as the flag, the state flower, and the state animal. The official state flower of Montana, which was chosen back in 1895, is the bitterroot with the scientific name Lewisia rediviva.

  • Where do the flowers grow in Montana?

  • MONTANA STATE FLOWERS There are 3 major geographic features in Montana – the Bitterroot Mountains (running north-south and forming the divide between Idaho and Montana), the Bitterroot Valley, and the Bitterroot River (also running north-south, terminating in the Clark Fork River in the city of Missoula), all lending their names to this flower.

  • Why is Montana’s state flower a blue flower?

  • A decade before the Spanish American War colored Montana’s seal, a more subdued movement began to add beauty and a mild fragrance to Montana’s list of symbols. Delegates to the 1889 Montana Women’s Christian Temperance Union, meeting in Missoula, selected a little blue flower that grows near the snow banks as the WCTU’s official state flower.

  • What is the state flower of Minnesota?

  • The showy lady鈥檚 slipper ( Cypripedium reginae) is the state flower of Minnesota. The flower, which is popularly known as the pink and white lady鈥檚 slipper, is one of the rarest wildflowers in Minnesota. The plant is listed as threatened and endangered in several states and by some plant organizations.