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Red poppy

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  • What are the red flowers on the British flag called?

  • The British often wear a red flower on their lapels known as the 鈥淩emembrance Poppy.鈥?These flowers are artificial, commonly made of cotton or silk, and are worn to remember and honor fallen soldiers. What kind of cactus has red flowers?

  • What flowers do Royals wear in their bouquets?

  • But royals, with their large budgets and need to create visually stunning events, have proven to be a bit more serious about flower traditions through the years. Royal brides both historic and modern have typically carried a sprig of myrtle in their bouquets.

  • Why do British Royals wear poppies?

  • In the U.K., the pins are sold by the Royal British Legion, in order to help raise money for veterans. They are generally worn around England鈥檚 Remembrance Day and at other events that commemorate veterans. Above, a look back at instances when the British royal family has worn remembrance poppies.

  • What kind of flowers are used in British weddings?

  • The flowers, which have included blooms as luxuriant as orchids and as homegrown as Queen Victoria’s myrtle, are therefore generally all white with only the rare hint of color. Many ceremonies have also featured flowers that have only been grown in Britain.