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  • What is water that collects and flows beneath the earth’s surface?

  • Groundwater is water that collects and flows beneath the Earth’surface, filling spaces in soil, sediment and rocks. The upper surface of groundwater is the water table What is water that moves across earths surface after rainfall called?

  • What is water that seeps deep into the ground called?

  • Water that seeps deep into the ground is called groundwater . Surface water and groundwater are reservoirs that can feed into each other. While surface water can seep underground to become groundwater, groundwater can resurface on land to replenish surface water. Springs are formed in these locations.

  • How does water enter the Earth鈥檚 system?

  • Water may seep through dirt and rock below the soil through pores infiltrating the ground to go into Earth鈥檚 groundwater system. Groundwater enters aquifers that may store fresh water for centuries. Alternatively, the water may come to the surface through springs or find its way back to the oceans.

  • What is the movement of water around the surface called?

  • The movement of water around Earth鈥檚 surface is the hydrologic (water) cycle ( Figure below ). Because it is a cycle, the water cycle has no beginning and no end. The Sun, many millions of kilometers away, provides the energy that drives the water cycle.