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Wood violet

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  • Is the wood violet the state flower of Wisconsin?

  • It was a close vote. The wood violet is a small flower commonly seen in wet woodland and meadow areas, and along roadsides. This purple violet is very popular in the eastern United States and blooms between March and June. Not only is it the state flower for Wisconsin, but it also holds this title in Illinois, New Jersey,…

  • What are the state symbols of Wisconsin?

  • Wisconsin has numerous state symbols including the flag, seal, nickname, motto, bird, domestic animal, wild animal, fish, insect, tree, and state flower among others. What is the Official State Flower of Wisconsin? The state flower of Wisconsin is the wood violet, also known as the common blue violet or the Viola sororia.

  • How many petals does the Wisconsin State flower have?

  • The Wisconsin鈥檚 state flower Violet are about three forth inch transversely, and having 5 rounded petals.

  • What is the state flower of Illinois?

  • Wood Violet is also the state flower for Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The wood violet is a small commonly seen flower in meadows areas, along roadsides.