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If you live in Zones 9 and 10, you can start planting indoor seeds ofbasil, eggplant, lettuce, kale, peppers, squash, melon, and tomatoes. You can also start indoor seeds of zinnia, marigolds, cosmos, and sunflowers. If you live in Zone 8, start planting leeks, onions, celery, and parsley earlier in the month.

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  • What is the easiest flower to grow from seed?

  • The following flowers are among the easiest to grow from seed: Bachelor’s Button: These blue flowers look like miniature carnations. They look great next to yellow or orange colored flowers, such as marigolds. Calendula: These blooms are often gold or orange, and they make a nice edging plant or container plant.

  • Can You Sow flower seeds in summer?

  • Another reason to sow flower seeds in summer is to make sure you have companion plants around to aid your food crops later in the year. You can also sow flower seeds in summer for bedding plants that will bring color to your garden or your containers over the winter and early spring next year. For example, you could sow: 11.

  • Can you grow flowers from seed?

  • Growing flowers from seed allows you to choose from a wider variety than what’s at your local garden center. Peruse a seed catalogue to find numerous options to grow in your area. These blue flowers look like miniature carnations and tend to attract butterflies. Sow the seeds directly in your garden bed after the final frost of spring.

  • When is the best time of year to plant seeds?

  • There are plenty of flower seed varieties to inspire your garden during any month of the year, such as Marigolds in May, Antirrhinums in August and even non-stop Begonias and Coleus in December. Start planning your patio pots, hanging baskets and borders 鈥?check when to sow flower seeds and order your seed today!