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Store the bulbs after flowering to plant them again in the gardenin fall for flowering at Christmas. Keep in mind that bulbs in pots will not bloom a second time indoors after flowering. So you can either leave the bulbs in pots or remove them (then dry and put in bags) to store over winter.

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  • What do you do with bulbs after they bloom?

  • Trim back the stem and leave the foliage to grow. The foliage will continue absorbing sunlight and storing energy in the bulb for the next growing season. Once the foliage has died back, the bulbs can either be left in place and fertilised in the spring or they can be lifted and stored.

  • What to do with dead tulip bulbs?

  • To start, you鈥檙e going to want to clip the dead flower off of the stem once your tulips have finished flowering for the first time. The foliage that remains can just be allowed to die off naturally while keeping the stem in a glass vase with water. Eventually, the foliage will dry out and you should see new bulbs forming.

  • What to do with daffodil bulbs after flowering?

  • Leave daffodil bulbs in pots after flowering. Add 1-2 oz. of fertilizer or bone meal and place the pot in a shady spot. Continue watering 1-2 times a week, generally when the soil dries out. Once the leaves die off, turn the pot on its side and let it dry out. Finally, move the pot to the usual place and let the bulbs go into chilling period.

  • What do you do with Hyacinth Bulbs after they bloom?

  • After your hyacinths have bloomed, remove the faded flower spikes and allow the foliage to die back. Dig up the bulbs, discard any damaged or diseased ones, and then dry them and store in paper sacks before replanting in the fall.