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Store the bulbs after flowering to plant them again in the gardenin fall for flowering at Christmas. Keep in mind that bulbs in pots will not bloom a second time indoors after flowering. So you can either leave the bulbs in pots or remove them (then dry and put in bags) to store over winter.

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  • What do you do for bulb care after flowering?

  • So what do you do for bulb care after flowering? The bulb plants鈥?leaves are gradually going to turn yellow and die away. So should you braid the leaves or tie them with rubber bands to tidy your garden?

  • Should I remove the flowers on bulbs after flowering?

  • Paying attention to bulbs after flowering is just as important as when they are blooming. It is beneficial to remove the flowers on most spring bulbs as soon as they start to fade.

  • How to get rid of bulbs in the garden?

  • Also, get rid of the bulbs that are damaged. Let them air dry on a piece of paper in a cool, dry and dark place. Most of the time gardeners keep bulbs in paper bags in the garage or basement. You can also store bulbs in trays or net bags. Make sure that storage place is well-ventilated.

  • What do you do with tulip bulbs when they die?

  • Trim back the stem and leave the foliage to grow. The foliage will continue absorbing sunlight and storing energy in the bulb for the next growing season. Once the foliage has died back, the bulbs can either be left in place and fertilised in the spring or they can be lifted and stored. Do you have to dig up tulip bulbs every year?