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What to Write on Funeral Flowers Your flower message needn鈥檛 be too long or a literature master work.A few words of sympathy, acknowledging their loss and maybe offering comfort is all that is needed.

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  • What to write in a funeral flower card?

  • Cards that are meant to express your sympathy or condolences are never easy to write. You want to say something thoughtful and heartfelt 鈥?and you鈥檙e worried about saying the wrong thing in your funeral flower messages, too.

  • What are the Best Funeral Flower messages?

  • Some of the best funeral flower messages are short and from the heart. We have compiled a list of funeral flower message examples below which should give you some inspiration. Whatever you decide to write, the most important thing is that you have shown that you care. You will be missed but never forgotten. You have captured a place in our hearts.

  • What should you bring to a funeral?

  • You may also want to check funeral flower etiquette and the recipients’ preferences 鈥?it may be more appropriate to bring something else, like this meat and cheese gift basket, or make a donation if the family has asked for something in lieu of flowers. Most importantly, keep your condolences sincere and try not to overthink your note.

  • What to say at a funeral for a mum or dad?

  • See our full collection of funeral flowers Mum/Dad, you were loved by all. You will be greatly missed. You were the best Mum/Dad. I/We will never forget you Mum/Dad, you gave me the best life. Rest peacefully. Your happiness and love will remain in our hearts.