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Induced EMF is created

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  • What creates current in a circuit?

  • This movement of electrons from one atom to another is what creates an electric current. A consistent flow of electrons within a circuit determines the current in a wire. See how to calculate potential energy to understand electrons and energy. What is Current? Electric current is defined as the flow of electrons in a circuit.

  • Which current produces a magnetic field when it flows through a wire?

  • An electric current produces a magnetic field when the current flows through a wire. The correct answer will be A. Did this page answer your question? Still have questions? The Maximum and Minimum resultant of two forces are 35N and 51N.

  • How does the type of electric current affect how electricity travels?

  • The type of electric current affects how electricity travels through wires. The electrical current in direct current tends to flow in a single direction whereas it is quite the opposite in alternating current since it reverses direction.

  • What happens when an electric current flows through a copper wire?

  • When An Electric Current Flows Through A Copper Wire Ab As Shown In Figure The Wire A Deflects A Magnetic Needle Placed Near It B Becomes Red Hot C Gives An Electric Shock D Behaves Like A Fuse When an electric current flows through a copper wire AB as shown in Figure the wire (a) deflects a magnetic needle placed near it.