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Whenan electric current flows through a wire,the wire gets heated (heating effect of current) and a magnetic field is produced around it (magnetic effect of current).

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  • What happens when electricity flows through a wire?

  • An electric charge flows rapidly through the wire as these free electrons drift from one metal atom to the next. The flow of electricity through a wire is actually a flow of electrons. An electron is a negatively charged subatomic particle. Just so, is generated any time current flows through a wire?

  • What causes current to flow through a conductor?

  • An electric current flows when electrons move through a conductor, such as a metal wire. The moving electrons can collide with the ions in the metal. This makes it more difficult for the current to flow, and causes resistance. Beside above, does current flow inside a conductor?

  • How current is generated in a battery?

  • When a conductor is connected to the two terminals of a battery or any power supply then current flows through the conductor. Flow of electric charge (generally electrons) constitutes electric current. How current is generated? Electric current can be generated by moving a metal wire through a magnetic field.

  • What is electric current?

  • Electric current is defined as the flow of electrons in a circuit. This current is derived from the continuous jumping of the negatively charged electrons from one atom to another. The standard unit of measurement of electric current is Ampere (A). Electric current exists in two forms, the direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC).