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Late spring and summer

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  • What is a long day flower?

  • Flowering plants that produce blossoms at times of the year where there are more than 12 hours of daylight are called long day flowers. These are the summer bloomers, both those that offer their riots of color for show and flowers that when pollinated lead to fruits and vegetables.

  • What is a short day plant?

  • A plant that requires a long period of darkness, is termed a short day (long night) plant. Short-day plants form flowers only when day length is less than about 12 hours. Many spring and fall flowering plants are short day plants, including chrysanthemums, poinsettias and Christmas cactus. If these are exposed to more than 12 hours …

  • What is an example of a long day plant?

  • Examples. In fact, many of the most common vegetable and herb plants are long-day plants. For example, just about everybody has heard of and eaten dill and spinach, which are two very popular long-day plants. Dill has a critical photoperiod of about 11 hours, and some types of spinach feature a critical photoperiod of about 13 hours.

  • Do flowers bloom on different days of the week?

  • And some plants form flowers regardless of day length. Botanists call these day neutral plants. Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and some strawberries are day-neutral. Some plants, such as petunias defy categorization, said VanDerZanden. They flower regardless of day length, but flower earlier and more profusely with long days, she said.