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June and July

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  • When should I plant parsley seeds?

  • In the peak of summer, parsley may die, so it鈥檚 best to plant it in the fall for spring harvest in frost-free climates. In zone 8 and lower, you can sow your parsley in early spring for a late spring or early summer harvest. Parsley can survive temperatures as low as 20F. Plant Parsley Seeds Directly

  • Is parsley annual or perennial?

  • Parsley is technically a biennial plant so it grows in its first season and then sends up flowers its second season. Therefore, parsley is usually treated as an annual and is pulled up and discarded after one year. Once parsley starts to flower, it is setting seed and dies.

  • How do you know when to harvest parsley?

  • When the leaf stems have three segments, parsley is ready to be harvested. Cut leaves from the outer portions of the plant whenever you need them. Leave the inner portions of the plant to mature. If you want fresh parsley throughout the winter, replant a parsley plant in a pot and keep it in a sunny window.

  • Do I need more parsley plants?

  • The first question you need to ask yourself is, 鈥淒o I want more parsley plants?鈥?If the answer is yes, let it flower and produce seeds. The seeds will scatter and you will see new plants emerge from the earth. Maybe this year, maybe not, but next spring for sure.