People also ask

  • Should I let my parsley plant flower?

  • If the answer is yes, let it flower and produce seeds. The seeds will scatter and you will see new plants emerge from the earth. Maybe this year, maybe not, but next spring for sure. Parsley seeds are very, very small. Once the seeds are established you can cut the seed head off and scatter it in a controlled area.

  • When should I Harvest parsley?

  • However, parsley plant leaves can be harvested at any time from the first growth until the second year when the plant sends up its seed stalk. The Center for Food Safety recommends harvesting parsley seeds by removing the seed heads when they have turned brown.

  • Why is my parsley flowering so early?

  • The heat of summer will trigger parsley to bolt, and if the summer is very warm, the plant is likely to produce flowers earlier than usual. Pinching off the flower buds as soon as they appear can help to lengthen parsley鈥檚 growing season and give you leaves to harvest for several more weeks.

  • Is parsley annual or perennial?

  • Parsley is technically a biennial plant so it grows in its first season and then sends up flowers its second season. Therefore, parsley is usually treated as an annual and is pulled up and discarded after one year. Once parsley starts to flower, it is setting seed and dies.