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  • When heat flows out of a system its value is negative?

  • When what flows into a system it’s value is positive when heat flows out of the system it’s value is negative? heat. apex. What does a negative value for heat represent? The Short Answer = Cooling. What is a endopthermic reaction? An endothermic reaction is a reaction where heat flows from the surroundings in to the system.

  • What is the flow of heat?

  • Heat flow is a results of a temperature difference
    between two bodies, and the flow of heat is zero if TS= TE. Figure 17.1. Heat Flow. Heat
    is not the only way in which energy can be transferred between a system
    and its environment.

  • What is the quantity of heat for a process represented by?

  • The quantity of heat for a process is represented by the letter q. The sign of q for an endothermic process is positive because the system is gaining heat. A chemical reaction or physical change is exothermic if heat is released by the system into the surroundings.

  • How is heat transferred in the process of reaching thermal equilibrium?

  • In the process of reaching thermal
    equilibrium, heat is transferred from one body to the other. Suppose
    we have a system of interest at temperature TSsurrounded by an environment with temperature TE. If TS TEheat flows from
    the system to the environment. If TS TEheat flows from the environment into the system.