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  • When heat flows out of a system its value is negative?

  • When what flows into a system it’s value is positive when heat flows out of the system it’s value is negative? heat. apex. What does a negative value for heat represent? The Short Answer = Cooling. What is a endopthermic reaction? An endothermic reaction is a reaction where heat flows from the surroundings in to the system.

  • What is the difference between enthalpy and heat flow?

  • b. heat flows from the system into the surroundings in an exothermic process. c. the value of q is positive when heat flows into a system from the surroundings. d. enthalpy is a state property. e. in an endothermic process heat flows from the surroundings into the system. How many joules are equivalent to 2.00 kilocalories? a. 4.18 J/gC.

  • What is the relationship between surroundings and heat?

  • q0 Heat flows from the surroundings into the system. e.g. Ice melting q0. Heat flows from the reaction system into the surounds. e.g. Combustion of Methane

  • What is the energy change of a system?

  • c. the total energy change of a system is equal to the sum of the heat absorbed and the work done on the system. b. An expanding gas does work on the surrounding, thus w has a negative value.