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Second day

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  • When is your period heaviest?

  • When Is Your Period Heaviest? It’s The Second Day Here鈥檚 What You Should Do To Get Through It Pretty much every day on your period is a new adventure, but the second day of your flow is definitely the worst of them all.

  • What does it mean when your period is heavy?

  • Menstrual cups make it very easy to monitor the amount of flow you have but 鈥榟eavy鈥?can also be indicated by: Heavy periods are more common when hormone levels may fluctuate such as in our teens or right before menopause, or, again, always be heavy throughout your life.

  • Why is my period heavier at night?

  • Your period may be heavier at night, or your flow might be more intense in the morning. The reason why your period changes over the course of the day is an interesting one, and it’s related to how human activity shifts over the course of a day and night 鈥?what’s called the body’s circadian rhythms.

  • What is heavy menstrual flow?

  • Heavy flow is most common in the teens and in perimenopause鈥攂oth are times of the lifecycle when estrogen levels tend to be higher and progesterone levels to be lower. Progesterone is made by the ovaries after ovulation.