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  • When should I sow my wildflowers?

  • For the best results (quickest turnaround) sow in early autumn to have your wildflowers in bloom by spring. If you’ve completed the first two steps, when sowing any wildflower mix, we recommend removing any existing grass, weeds and flora from the area as this will prevent the seed from establishing. You should then:

  • Can you plant wildflower seeds in the summer?

  • Planting in summer is not recommended since it is difficult to keep seed beds continually moist for the first 4-6 weeks. The hot summer sun tends to dry the soil out too quickly. Wildflower seeds can also be planted in fall in cool climates. Dormant fall wildflower plantings should be late enough so that seeds do not germinate until spring.

  • How to sow wildflower seed?

  • How to Sow Wildflower Seed. Preparing the Ground. Wildflowers like poor soil conditions so starving the soil of nutrients will help the seeds to thrive. Remove top 5-10cm of soil to reduce soil fertility. Remove plants/grass by hand or with weed killer. Remove stones and debris. Dig the soil over firm it down. Rake over to create a level seedbed.

  • How often should you water wildflower seeds?

  • You should aim to water your freshly sown wildflower space twice a week and more frequently in hot weather to stop the soil from drying out. Your seeds should germinate within a couple of weeks, depending on the weather. If you’re sowing in autumn 鈥?around September or October is usually a good time 鈥?the process is almost the same as in spring.