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  • When to plant wildflower seeds?

  • When to plant wildflower seeds largely depends on the climate and rainfall patterns in your area as well as the type of seeds you are planting. In cool climates, planting wildflower seeds in spring or early summer is ideal since temperatures are warm enough for germination but not so hot that it鈥檚 difficult to keep seeded areas moist.

  • How do I sow wildflower seeds?

  • Sow the wildflower seed either by hand or with a seed spreader. We recommend sowing the wildflower seed at a rate of 5g per m2 of soil. If using a spreader, please contact your manufacturer for the correct setting.

  • How often should you water wildflower seeds?

  • You should aim to water your freshly sown wildflower space twice a week and more frequently in hot weather to stop the soil from drying out. Your seeds should germinate within a couple of weeks, depending on the weather. If you’re sowing in autumn 鈥?around September or October is usually a good time 鈥?the process is almost the same as in spring.

  • Do wildflower seeds need to be moist to grow?

  • Although wildflowers are some of the lowest-maintenance plants you can grow, the seeds must remain moist in order to sprout. While this is true of most seeds (including many vegetable seeds), the difference lies in the fact that wildflower seeds do not have the luxury of being buried beneath wet soil.