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  • How to call a workflow from a flow designer?

  • Open any flow designer and Click on 鈥?Select to add an Action, Flow Logic, or Subflow 鈥?Click on Flow logic and you can find the 鈥?Call a Workflow 鈥?and select this activity. Finally, you can select any workflow through flow designer.

  • Why was my workflow job canceled?

  • This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again. For information about workflow logic, see Help I’ve following code snippet to update the child accounts.

  • Why is my wait for condition not passing in flow designer?

  • I believe this is because in Flow Designer, the values for the Trigger Record are static, ie updates to the trigger record aren’t ‘registered’ by flow designer, so your Wait For Condition is never passing. IMO its an annoying feature of Flow Designer, but basically you have to lookup the trigger record any time you want to check its latest state.

  • What happens when a condition is not met in flow?

  • First of all, because the conditions set in the Condition are not met, Flow executes the action in the If NO branch. The value of Status set in the Terminate action is Cancelled, so Run history shows that the Condition is Cancelled.