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  • What is workflow designer workflow activity designer?

  • The Workflow Designer workflow activity designer enables developers to author workflows in a natural manner. The Flowchart specifies a unique StartNode that is executed when the workflow starts and uses a network of linked Nodes to create arbitrary loops or to divert the flow of execution to anywhere else in the workflow at any given time.

  • How to terminate a flow run?

  • Terminate Control You can use Terminate control to stop a Flow execution and result in a different message other than Success so that you ease the identification of which Flow Run went wrong just by looking at the Flow Runs results. You can chose between Different types of termination Actions You can choose between Failed or Cancelled.

  • How do I use the flowchart activity designer?

  • The Flowchart activity designer can be dragged from the Toolbox and dropped on to the Workflow Designer surface wherever activity designers are normally placed, either as a root activity or as the child of another control flow activity.

  • What happens when you change the status of a flow instance?

  • If someone changes the status from Complete to Reopen, the Flow will not know about that and will run a new instance leaving this one running the delay. The thing with this one is that the status will go from Reopened back to closed which will trigger this process again.