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  • What happens when you change the status of a flow instance?

  • If someone changes the status from Complete to Reopen, the Flow will not know about that and will run a new instance leaving this one running the delay. The thing with this one is that the status will go from Reopened back to closed which will trigger this process again.

  • What happens when the flow status goes from reopend to closed?

  • What happens is that when the status goes from Reopend back to Closed, a new Flow process kicks off and the old Flow is still running. I need to have it check an ID somewhere and terminate the orininal Flow. 09-03-2019 12:09 PM This is how I originally configured the flow.

  • How is the flow triggered in Salesforce?

  • The Flow that is triggered is based on a status value field. On status of Complete, I have it send an email to the user then delay for 7 days before archiving the list item and deleting.

  • What happens when a condition is not met in flow?

  • First of all, because the conditions set in the Condition are not met, Flow executes the action in the If NO branch. The value of Status set in the Terminate action is Cancelled, so Run history shows that the Condition is Cancelled.