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  • How do you get seeds from Zinnia flowers?

  • Take a dry zinnia flower, and flail the seed head鈥攈it it gently to release the seeds, or pull it apart or rub it between your fingers over the paper plate to release the seeds. The seeds are small and arrow-shaped. Some might still be attached to the base of a petal.

  • What do Zinnia seeds look like?

  • In most cases, zinnia flower seeds are a grayish color, but early harvest zinnia seeds may be green in color. Two types of zinnia seeds exist 鈥?those that come from the petals and those that come from the florets. Pull a petal from a zinnia and you should see a zinnia seed attached to the petal.

  • Do Zinnias spread?

  • Do Zinnias Spread? As mentioned earlier, zinnias are annual plants. At the end of the vegetative cycle, they produce seeds and then die. So the only way these plants can spread is through their seeds.

  • Can you plant zinnias in a border Garden?

  • Plant zinnias in an annual or mixed border garden. Smaller zinnias are suitable for edging, windowboxes, or other containers. It鈥檚 recommended that you grow zinnia from seed right in the garden bed, as they do not like to be transplanted and do not often thrive. From seed, they will grow very quickly in the right conditions.