People also ask

  • What kind of Leis do you give as a gift?

  • Stunning and durable orchid leis, delicate fragrant leis make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Our gorgeous wedding leis make for an unforgettable Hawaiian ceremony or anniversary gift. Need leis for graduation?

  • What are Hawaiian leis used for?

  • There are many other uses for Hawaiian leis, and most prominent is a celebration. Using Hawaiian leis for graduation is incredibly popular, to the point where some graduates with Hawaiian heritage will have so many leis piled around their neck that they’ll barely be able to see over the top of them.

  • Why order a lei from whole blossoms?

  • When you order a Lei from Whole Blossoms, you are ordering handcrafted, premium quality, for a fraction of the price you can get anywhere else. Leis are both fun and inspiring, especially if you are having a Beach Wedding and need Tropical Flowers for your wedding theme.

  • Which is the best Lei delivery company in Hawaii?

  • Hawaii Flower Lei is Hawaii鈥檚 most trusted Hawaiian lei delivery company. Our exclusive Lei Cooler guarantees your leis stay fresh during transit. We offer the lowest price on Priority Overnight Shipping (the only way to go with perishable flowers).