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You can get a peak flow meter onprescription from your GP or asthma nurse. If you pay for your prescriptions, you’ll need to pay the usual cost for one peak flow meter. You can also buy a peak flow meter yourself from a pharmacy or online.

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  • How to use a peak flow meter?

  • Make sure the red marker is at the bottom of the meter. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs completely. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Close your lips tightly on the peak flow meter鈥檚 mouthpiece. Blast the air out as hard and as fast as possible in a single blow. Write down the number by the red marker on the meter.

  • Why do I need to keep track of peak flow?

  • Readings from the meter can help you or your child recognize early signs of worsening asthma. Keeping track of peak flow numbers is part of your Asthma Action Plan.

  • How do I find my personal best peak flow number?

  • Each person’s asthma is different, so your personal best peak flow number may be different from another person’s personal best number. To find your personal best peak flow number, take your peak flow each day for two to three weeks. Your asthma should be under good control during this time.

  • How often should I take my air flow meter readings?

  • In order to track your air flow rate and determine whether your condition is improving, staying the same, or worsening, you need to take readings frequently. It is recommended that you use your peak flow meter once every morning and again in the evening.