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  • What is the drainage system of the Sahara Desert?

  • Drainage of the Sahara Several rivers originating outside the Sahara contribute to both the surface water and groundwater regimes of the desert and receive the discharge of its drainage networks.

  • Is there a perennial river in the Sahara Desert?

  • The world’s most famous desert isn’t always quite so dry as it is now鈥攖hanks to the Earth shifting on its axis, the Sahara’s climate gets gradually greener over tens of thousands of years. But you’d have to go back a long ways to find real, perennial rivers flowing through the Sahara outside of the Nile.

  • How are wadis formed in the desert?

  • Within the desert itself, there are extensive networks of wadis: some are seasonally active remnants of systems formed during more humid periods in the past; some, however, have been shaped by the sudden discharge of historically documented storms, such as the flood that destroyed Tamanrasset, Algeria, in 1922.

  • What is the soil like in the Sahara Desert?

  • The sand dunes of the Sahara store considerable quantities of rainwater, and seeps and springs issue from various escarpments in the desert. The soils of the Sahara are low in organic matter, exhibit only slightly differentiated horizons (strata), and are often biologically inactive, although nitrogen-fixing bacteria are present in some areas.