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  • How many rivers are in the Sahara Desert?

  • Water The Sahara has only two permanent rivers and a handful of lakes, but it has substantial underground reservoirs, or aquifers. Its permanent rivers are the Nile and the Niger. The Nile rises in central Africa, south of the Sahara, and flows northward through Sudan and Egypt and empties into the Mediterranean.

  • What is the drainage system of the Sahara Desert?

  • Drainage of the Sahara Several rivers originating outside the Sahara contribute to both the surface water and groundwater regimes of the desert and receive the discharge of its drainage networks.

  • Where is the Sahara Desert located?

  • Blanketing much of the northern third of the African Continent, or some 3.5 million square miles, the Sahara Desert extends eastward from the Atlantic Ocean some 3,000 miles to the Nile River and the Red Sea, and southward from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Mediterranean shores more than 1,000 miles to the savannah called the Sahel.

  • What are the headwaters of the Sahel River?

  • The headwaters of the river come from two rivers that originate in Guinea, namely the Bafing and Semef (Bakoye) rivers. The two rivers make up a small part of the border between Guinea and Mali but eventually meet at the small town of Bafoulab, Mali.