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  • How is the smell of the corpse flower described?

  • How is the smell of the corpse flower described: rotting fish, rotting meat, organic potting soil, and really bad body odor. This video file cannot be played.

  • What’s the deal with corpse flowers?

  • It all comes down to science, said Tim Pollak, outdoor floriculturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The smell, color and even temperature of corpse flowers are meant to attract pollinators and help ensure the continuation of the species.

  • What is the name of the flower that stinks?

  • The corpse flower known as Alice bloomed at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Tuesday, redeeming the garden after a corpse flower called Spike let down fans by failing to bloom last month (see the live video feed below). To humans, the corpse flower is one of the world’s stinkiest plants.

  • Why do corpse plants die after they bear fruit?

  • According to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, it takes so much energy to produce the fruit that it usually results in the death of the plant. Though there have been some fortunate corpse flowers that have survived the fruiting processes and gone on to produce further leaves and flowers.