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It is also associated withcancerous lesions. In the corpse flower,the volatile odor is dispersed by the heat the flower generates as the phallus-like bloom emerges,attracting carrion beetles and similar connoisseurs.

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  • What does the corpse flower smell like?

  • To humans, the corpse flower is one of the world’s stinkiest plants. But to dung beetles and flies, it smells like opportunity.

  • How does the corpse flower attract insects?

  • The corpse flower uses its smell to attract sweat bees and beetles looking for a prime location to lay their eggs. By crawling all over the plant, these insects play a vital role in pollinating the Titan Arum. The plant’s distinctive smell is just one of its tricks for attracting insects.

  • What is the name of the flower that stinks?

  • The corpse flower known as Alice bloomed at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Tuesday, redeeming the garden after a corpse flower called Spike let down fans by failing to bloom last month (see the live video feed below). To humans, the corpse flower is one of the world’s stinkiest plants.

  • Why do corpse plants die after they bear fruit?

  • According to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, it takes so much energy to produce the fruit that it usually results in the death of the plant. Though there have been some fortunate corpse flowers that have survived the fruiting processes and gone on to produce further leaves and flowers.