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  • Do amaryllis bulbs Bloom a second time?

  • There鈥檚 nothing difficult about getting an amaryllis bulb to bloom a second time. But you do need to be prepared to wait almost a full year for more flowers. During that time, you’ll be helping the bulb build up enough energy to bloom again.

  • What do you do with Amaryllis after they bloom?

  • When the last flower fades, take care and cut the stalk near the top of the bulb. Make sure you leave the foliage on the bulb and try not to damage them while cutting the flower stalks. Once the flowers are gone, the amaryllis goes into a growth phase, where it begins to store energy for next year鈥檚 bloom.

  • Will my Amaryllis rebloom after transplant?

  • While a new amaryllis plant usually grows a flower before leaves, you may see these appear in either order when it reblooms. Keep the soil damp, but not soaked, and expect your new flower or flowers approximately six weeks after you moved it to warmer area.

  • Why won’t my amaryllis flower?

  • The cells of the plant can’t create the flower that quickly. Thanks! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Plant multiple amaryllis plants at different times or fertilize them at staggered schedules if you want to have amaryllis blooms visible for a longer period of time.