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  • Will Amaryllis bloom again after flowering?

  • Amaryllis is a magnificent indoor plant that can grow outdoors if the climate is warm enough. After flowering, amaryllis can bloom again year after year in your house if a few rules to care for it are followed鈥?Why are the flowers of my amaryllis plant withering?

  • How do you repot an Amaryllis?

  • Place the plant in the soil with the bulb shoulders exposed, and give it a drink of water. This will help 鈥渨ake鈥?the amaryllis up. Water the soil thoroughly if you repotted it. If you transplanted the bulb into a new pot, you should water the soil thoroughly and allow the excess to drain through the base of the pot.

  • Can Amaryllis be planted outside?

  • In some areas you can grow your amaryllis outside. To grow your amaryllis bulb outside, you鈥檒l need to plant the bulb in a sunny location, much like you would repot it 鈥?shoulders above the soil, roots down. If you鈥檙e planting more than one bulb, space them about a foot apart.

  • How do you take care of an Amaryllis in the summer?

  • Water your amaryllis bulb whenever the soil is dry. It鈥檚 important not to let the bulb dry out. Once the weather has warmed and nights remain above 50 degrees, you can move your bulb outside if you like. They do best in partial shade but will tolerate full sun.